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Schroeder - Hurra! (1984)

The band probably originated with members of the music projects "Die jeilen Träumer" and "Zarah Zylinder". The political rock clown band first appeared in 1975 under the name "Uli Hundt and Schroeder", and was renamed shortly afterwards as Schroeder Roadshow. They offered biting ironic and political texts as well as an eclectic musical style. The band attacked more or less everything, including themselves.

Musically their main focus was saxophone-heavy rock, but with elements from many other styles. Political messages were ambiguous, though the band were on the political left. They also wrote ballads, such as "Tanz mit mir hinaus" and "Wir sind die Brüder der romantischen Verlierer". They worked with Wolf Maahn as producer, Wolfgang Niedecken, and Christian Wagner (solo producer).

One studio album is called "Live in Tokyo", although they have never appeared in Tokyo.

When Uli Hundt and Rich Schwab left in 1984, the band cut the "Roadshow" from their name. They also appeared twice in the "Rockpalast": in 1982 as Schroeder Roadshow, and in 1985 as Schroeder.

Through all the changes in the band they continued to be active on the political rock festival scene. One of the biggest of these was the 1986 festival in Burglengenfeld, against the atomic reprocessing plant in Wackersdorf; in front of 120,000 spectators the band lined up in two parts, some performing as "Die Firma" and the others as "Uli Hundt und die Betablocker".

Then the band went quiet, recording no more LPs, until the comic artist Brösel's "Werner" comic was brought to life when he lined up with his Horex Motorbike "Red Porsche Killer" on a specially closed motorway against the Porsche of his friend. Then the recording of the band's appearance at the accompanying festival, in front of 200,000 spectators, became Schroeder's last album, and their last appearance was a year later at Werner's Revival party - until their late revival in 2008 which saw the release of another studio album.

Schroeder - Hurra! (1984)
(128 kbps, front cover included)

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Hallo, ich liebe Schroeder, habe die Platten und habe immer Hurra gesucht als mp3. Jetzt finde ich Hurra, bin aber ein Jahr zu spät. Habe ich eine Chance für einen intakten Link? Und hat jemand einen Bootleg?

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