Samstag, 28. Oktober 2017

Anti Social Workers And The Mad Professor - Punky Reggae Party (1983)

This album is a kind of a hybrid classic, deleted for years. It was released in 1983 on the Ariwa label, produced by Mad Professor. Definitely a cult favourite, though the hardcore stance never prevented Maggie to rule for a good number of years!

Thanks a lot to the original uploader on  the Roots Stone blog, a bonanza for everyone interested in reggae and dub.


A1Every Dog Has It's Day
A2Who's Watching You?
A3Democracy Is....
A4Waiting For The Crackdown
A5Shit For Brains
B1Pagan Man
B2Great Romance Rip-Off
B3Vandalise The Vatican
B4Simon Say's
B5Red Rap
B6England (Is A Name For A Piece Of Land And A Football Team)

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Days of the Broken Arrows hat gesagt…

Ha -- can't believe anyone else knows this. My friend was a DJ on college radio and used to play this, along with Angry Samoans and Tesco Vee.

Days of the Broken Arrows hat gesagt…

Hey, I just noticed you have me on your blogroll at my old blog address, "Days Of Broken Arrows." Thanks for the add, but maybe you can add my new address, since I was forced to move. I am now at "Days of THE Broken Arrows":

MikeO hat gesagt…

Tim Wells went on to be in Blaggers ITA (he was known as Bilko then) and is now a poet, I know this as he introduced me to the Mob way back when. thanks Tim if you're reading this.

Mark Howard, lost track of him but he was a splendid guitar player and the other guy, I can't remember his name used to be a journalist for the local newspaper.

Thanks for the memories rekindled

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for sharing your memories and knowledge.

I changed the Days of...-address in the blogroll. Best wishes!

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