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Miriam Makeba – The Queen Of African Music (1987, Pläne)

Following a three-decade-long exile, Miriam Makeba's return to South Africa was celebrated as though a queen was restoring her monarchy. The response was fitting as Makeba remains the most important female vocalist to emerge out of South Africa. Hailed as the Empress of African Song and Mama Africa, Makeba helped bring African music to a global audience in the '60s. Nearly five decades after her debut with the Manhattan Brothers, she continues to play an important role in the growth of African music.

"The Queen Of African Music" is a 17-track compilation album by Miriam Makeba, released by Theo König, Verlag Pläne in 1987.


1 African Convention
2 I Shall Sing
3 Goodbye Poverty
4 Mas Que Nade
5 Murtala
6 Chicken (Kikirikiki)
7 The Lion Cries
8 Samba
9 Quit It
10 We Got To Make It
11 Jolinkomo
12 Ndibanga Hamba
13 Iyaguduza
14 Click Song
15 Malaisha
16 Mama Ndiyalila
17 Pata Pata

Miriam Makeba – The Queen Of African Music (1987, Pläne)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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