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VA - Ukrainian Folk Songs - The Golden Collection (2004)


Ukrainian folk music includes a number of varieties of traditional, folkloric, folk-inspired popular music, and folk-inspired European classical music traditions.

In the 20th century numerous ethnographic and folkloric musical ensembles were established in Ukraine and gained popularity.

During the Soviet era, music was a controlled commodity and was used as a tool for the indoctrination of the population. As a result, the repertoire of Ukrainian folk music performers and ensembles was controlled and restricted.

Ukrainian folk music has made a significant influence in the music of neighbouring peoples. Many Ukrainian melodies have become popular in Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Russia, Romania and Moldova. Through the interaction with the Eastern European Jewish community, Ukrainian folk songs such as "Oi ne khody Hrytsiu" composed by songstress Marusia Churai have been introduced into North American culture as "Yes my darling daughter" (sung by Dinah Shore).

The traditional music of the kobzari inspired the Dumky composed by various Slavic composers such as Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky and Dvořák.

The use of folk melodies is especially encouraged in ballet and opera. Among the Ukrainian composers who often included Ukrainian folk themes in their music were Lysenko, Lev Revutsky, Mykola Dremliuha, Yevhen Stankovych, Aleksandr Shymko, Myroslav Skoryk (who adapted e.g. the folk song Verbovaya Doschechka).

In the late 1960s and early 1970s Ukrainian folk songs and folk song elements began to be included in pop and rock music in the rock-oriented Kobza ensemble, Smerichka, Opryshky Medikus and many other ensembles. This was driven by the lack of Ukrainian pop songs of the time. In time the genre of folk inspired pop music became significant, particularly inspired by the popularity of the Belarusian group known as Piesnari.

Of the Ukrainian groups the longest surviving and most significant was the group known as Kobza.

01 Jixav kozak.mp3
02 Nich jaka misjachna.mp3
03 Tuman jarom.mp3
04 Nese Halja vodu.mp3
05 Vechir nadvori.mp3
06 Oj na hori dva dubky.mp3
07 Handzja.mp3
08 Oj divchino shumyt' haj.mp3
09 Tam de Jatran'.mp3
10 Ishla divcha.mp3
11 Hrytsju.mp3
12 Ty do mene ne xody.mp3
13 Kazav meni bat'ko.mp3
14 Misjac na nebi.mp3
15 Oj u vishnevomu.mp3
16 Iz syrom pyrohy.mp3
17 Oj ja moloda.mp3
18 Oj chorna ja.mp3
19 Chorniji brovy.mp3
20 Oj haj maty.mp3
21 Byla mene maty.mp3
22 Mav ja raz divchinon'ku.mp3
23 Ty kazala pryjdy.mp3
24 Vzjav by ja banduru.mp3
25 Oj ne svity.mp3
26 Oj za hajem.mp3
27 Zore moja.mp3
28 Rozprjahajte, khloptsi, koni.mp3
29 Oj chyj to kin'.mp3
30 Hej, nalyvajte.mp3

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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