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VA - Music Of The Ukraine (Folkways, 1951)

Folk music in Ukraine retains great vitality to this day. Ritual songs, ballads, and historical songs (dumy) were sung a cappella or accompanied by folk instruments, of which the bandura (a multistringed lutelike instrument) is the most popular. Itinerant blind musicians known as kobzars or lirnyks (depending on their instrument of choice) were a common feature of the Ukrainian countryside until the 20th century. The hopak, an energetic folk dance composed of leaps and kicks, received renewed attention in the 21st century as martial arts practitioners integrated its movements into a self-defense technique based on ethnic Ukrainian traditions.

"Music of the Ukraine" includes traditional Ukrainian instruments such as the duda (bagpipe) and dances such as the Huculka - "a rapid dance played on mandolin-like instruments (balalaikas) and a home-made fiddle" (Henry Cowell). Often tracks demonstrate a confluence between Western and Eastern modalities, as on "Country Dances."


A1 Gutsul Kolomyika Dance-Song
A2 Kozachok Dance-Song
A3 Hoculka Dance
A4 Country Dances

B1 Wedding Melodies
B2 Hutsulka And Kozachok Dances
B3 Folk Song - The Wind From Field
B4 Folk Song - One Half Of The Garden Blossoms

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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Carlos Henrique Xavier Endo hat gesagt…

Wow! But where's the "Horst Wessel" hymn? Or "Das Teufelslied"? There are no soundtrack better for actual Ukraine.

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zero hat gesagt…

Any evidence for your propaganda, Carlos? If not, please stop it! You are playing down the crimes of the NS regime.

alfred venison hat gesagt…

thank for more ukrainian folk music. -regards, a.v.

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