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Etoile De Dakar - Xalis (1978)

Etoile De Dakar was one of the most influential bands to come out of Senegal. Best known for its work with vocalist Yassour N'Dour, a member from 1975 to 1978, the group created a Latin-tinged style of African pop that influenced such western artists as Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon and David Byrne.

The roots of the Etoile De Dakar were planted in 1960 when Ibra Kasse, owner of the Miami Club in Dakar, assembled members of two bands — Guinea Band De Dakar and Star Band De Senui — and created a supergroup, known initially as The Star Band. Although it reached its apex with the arrival of N'Dour in 1975, The Star Band splintered three years later when several members left with N'Dour to form Etoile De Dakar. Relocating to Paris in 1983, the group changed its name to Super Etoile.

"Xalis" was recorded in a Dakar nightclub in 1978.

Tracks (transl.):

1. Money
2. Eagle
3. Thoughts About Life and the World
4. Lay Is the Name of a Marabout
5. Hombre Misterioso Soy
6. Banana

Tracks (orig.):

1. Xalis (badou n'diaye) 4:00
2. Thiely (pape seck) 4:12
3. Sama xalatu aduna (el hadj faye) 5:40
4. Lay suma lay (fatou kasset) 4:11
5. Hombre misterioso soy (eric m'backé n'doye) 4:37
6. Banana (sallo dieye) 4:38


Abdou Fall - Timbales
Alla Seck - Vocals
Alpha Seyni Kante - Guitar (Rhythm)
Assane Thaim - Tama
Badou N'Diaye - Guitar, Bandleader
El Hadj Faye - Vocals
Eric M'Backe N'Doye - Vocals
Etoile de Dakar - Main Performer
Kabou Gueye - Bass
Matar Gueye - Conga
Youssou N'Dour - Vocals

Etoile De Dakar - Xalis
(ca. 320 kbps, small front cover inlcuded)

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