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Fiedel Michel - Fiedel Michel (1974)

Fiedel Michel was a German folk band, formed in Münster in 1973.

In the mid-1970s, Fiedel Michel were alsongside Elster Silberflug (from Heidelberg) and Liederjahn (from Hamburg) one of the leading German folk groups. On their albums, they combined dance tunes, traditional music and socially critical "Volkslieder". They were part of the folk and "Liedermacher" movement looking for new possibilities for a musical culture with a political awareness after the collaps of the 1968 student movement. In the face of political impotence, it was now time for the radical youth to give up the slogan "Gitarren in die Ecke" and to once agian let the songs do the talking. By this it meant the political song scene should not forgo its radicalism, but should adapt to the new conditions of the 1970s.
This is her first album, released on the Autogram label.

A1Schab ab
A2Schinderhannes-Lied / Waltrautstanz
A4O Koenig von Preussen
A5Herr von Falckenstein
A6Dat du mien Leewsten bist
A8Klagetanz / Viertouriger
B1Micheltanz / Bummelschottisch
B2Adam und Eva
B3Es geht wohl zu der Sommerszeit
B4Kommt Freunde in die Runde
B5Schneidertanz / Stoppgalopp
B7Der Schreiber im Korb
B8Mecklenburger Polka / Kreuzpolka

Fiedel Michel - Fiedel Michel (1974)
(ca. 192 kbps, front cover included)

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