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Lokomotive Kreuzberg - Kollege Klatt (1972)

Lokomotive Kreuzberg was a Berlin polit-rock band founded in early 1972. The group performed in various formations touring extensively through Germany until 1977 at the dissolution of the group when finances became an issue.

The group consisted of founding member Andreas Brauer (vocals, keyboards, violin, flute, guitar, percussion), lyricist Kalle Scherfling (vocals), Volker Hiemann (vocals, guitar) and Uwe Holz (drums, vocals, harmonica, percussion). Later they were joined by Uve Müllrich (Guitars, Bass) and he also played bass in Embryo, and was founder of the Dissidenten. He was replaced from 1973 by Bernhard Potschka, Manfred Praeker and Herwig Mitteregger from 1976. Members later played in the Nina Hagen Band and later founded German rockers Spliff.

The band released a number of albums; "Kollege Klatt" (1972), "James Blond - Den Lohnräubern auf der Spur" (1973), "Fette Jahre" (1975), "Mountain Town" (1977).

Lokomotive Kreuzberg played funky krautrock, with some folk rock, sounding similar to Gong and Mother Gong. The lyrics are left wing with a direct political message. Here´s their debut "Kollege Klatt" from 1972.


A2Ein Mann geht die Straße lang I4:56
A3Was glaubst du was du bist5:02
A4Wenn ick nach de Arbeit5:08
B1Ich könnt' ein Kommunist wohl sein5:12
B2Ein Mann geht die Straße lang II2:52

Lokomotive Kreuzberg - Kollege Klatt (1972)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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