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Ihre Kinder - Anfang ohne Ende (1972)

"Ihre Kinder" can be placed at the roots of the so-called "Krautrock". As the first rock band at all they produced in their mother-tongue German and published five main albums between 1969 and 1972.

The core of "Ihre Kinder" were the keyboarder and singer Sonny Hennig, the guitarist Ernst Schultz and the producer Jonas Porst. Their music combined influences from the American protest song (Bob Dylan), white blues music from England and - in a cautious way - the typical German electronic rock music of the early 70s to a progressive und unique mixture. Their most impressive songs are about political topics like nuclear armament ("Toter Soldat") or social problems like drugs ("Weißer Schnee, Schwarze Nacht"). At their early time the phrase "progressive" was yet to be born. Lacking other definitions they were elected the best German "Blues band" by the readers of "Express" in 1970. Key albums were "Leere Hände" (1970) - also published in the UK as "Empty Hands" - "2375 004" (1970) - also known as "Jeanscover" - and "Werdohl" (1971), by which Ernst Schultz had substituted Jonas Porst as producer.

Sonny Henning published the solo album "Tränengas" in 1971, in which he discussed the political situation in Germany from a left-wing view, and in the same year Ernst Schultz recorded his opus "Paranoia Picknick", which excelled with a blend of serious lyrics and sophisticated guitar work. The best of the latter was "Synthetischer Orient No. 1".

After the break-up in 1972 every now and then band members came together to play at festivals and recorded some albums.

Ein Lied für Dich4:02
Für Dich und mich3:19
Auf dem Schachbrett4:41
In Ewigkeit Amen4:21
Unny Wersaal und seine Band4:06
Wer hat Angst vorm schwarzen Mann4:05
Anfang ohne Ende8:46

Ihre Kinder - Anfang ohne Ende (1972)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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Hallo Zero, Refresh?

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Thanks a lot, Zero. Danke sehr!

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"Ihre Kinder" haben mich politisiert...bis zum heutigen Tag.

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They were also important for my political socialisation.

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