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Pietro Gori - Canti Anarchici Di Pietro Gori

"This was in the early dawn of socialism, or rather, the first years when there began to be talk of socialism in my country. One day a young law student arrived in the Ardenza to make propaganda on behalf of the new ideas and he spoke with colourful eloquence and persuasive reasoning. Crowds showed up for his speeches, drawn by his soft, soothing words, fired by his oratory, even if they could scarcely fully grasp the underlying ideas or had only the vaguest grasp of them. I was seduced by Pietro Gori's propaganda." (Amedeo Boschi).  

Pietro Gori (14 August 1865 - 8 January 1911) was an Italian lawyer, journalist, intellectual and anarchist poet.

He is known for his political activities, and as author of some of the most famous anarchist songs of the late 19th century, including "Addio a Lugano" ("Farewell to Lugano"), "Stornelli d'esilio" ("Exile Songs"), "Ballata per Sante Caserio" ("Ballad for Sante Geronimo Caserio"), "Inno del Primo Maggio" ("May, 1 Anthem").

This compilation was edited by A. Virgilio Savona (died just a few days ago) and played by Gigliola Negri, Margot, Michele L. Straniero, Gruppo Folk Internazionale


1-Addio Lugano Bella
2-A Sante Caserio
3-Addio Compagni Addio
4-Canto Dei Lavoratori Del Mare
5-All'amor Tuo Fanciulla
6-O Profughi D'Italia
7-Inno Del Primo Maggio
8-Dimmelo, Pietro Gori
9-Dai Monti Di Sarzana
10-Inno Dei Lavoratori Siciliani

You find more infos about Pietro Gori via

Pietro Gori - Canti Anarchici Di Pietro Gori
(192 kbps, front & back cover included)

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