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The Kingston Trio - Here We Go Again! (1959)

Released in 1959, "Here We Go Again!" would be the last time the original Kingston Trio lineup (Bob Shane, Dave Guard, and Nick Reynolds) would have a hit single. The traditional chain gang tune "A Worried Man" made the Top 20, driving sales of the album to over 900,000 copies and perching the group on the number one chart position for eight weeks.

By December of that year, the Kingston Trio would have four albums in the Billboard Top Ten. Spirited versions of "Haul Away" and "Molly Dee," as well as the gospel-ish "Round About the Mountain" are standout tracks among the songs included. "The Unfortunate Miss Bailey" (which brings to mind the Clancey Brothers) and the stark "San Miguel" help make "Here We Go Again!" a very well-rounded album.         


Side 1:
  1. "Molly Dee" (John Stewart)
  2. "Across the Wide Missouri" (Ervin Drake, Jimmy Shirl)
  3. "Haul Away" (Traditional)
  4. "The Wanderer" (Irving Burgess)
  5. "'Round About the Mountain" (Lou Gottlieb)
  6. "Oleanna" (Harvey Geller, Martin Seligson)
Side 2:
  1. "The Unfortunate Miss Bailey" (Traditional, Gottlieb)
  2. "San Miguel" (Jane Bowers)
  3. "E Inu Tatou E" (George Archer)
  4. "A Rollin' Stone" (Stan Wilson)
  5. "Goober Peas" (Dave Guard, Traditional)
  6. "A Worried Man" (Traditional, Tom Glazer, Dave Guard)

The Kingston Trio - Here We Go Again! (1959)     
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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