Montag, 25. Februar 2019

African Renaissance - Volume 3 - South Sotoh - Tswana

Here´s volume 3 of this wonderful series of historic recordings from the archives of the South African Broadcasting Corporation, recorded between 1959 and 1994.


The mus of Basotho is as diverse as that of the Batswana, with whom they share a similar language. The difference is slight, especially the pronunciation of words. The traditions are motly similar, as are the styles both traditional and modern. Like all african music Basotho were affected by urbanisation as well as the church. The school system also introduced choral music and Basotho went on to produce some of the best composers of this genre.

Tswana music is pretty close to that of the Basotho since the languages are virtually the same. Like Zulu and Sotho music, the Tswana also depeloped their music with the advent of urbanisation and christianity. Traditional music was the main force until the missionaries came to South Africa.

African Renaissance - Volume 3 - pt.1
African Renaissance - Volume 3 - pt. 2
(192 kbps, mp3)

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