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Sonja Kehler - Brecht-Portrait (Wergo, 1978)

Sonja Kehler was born on February 2, 1933 in Haldersleben near Magdeburg. After graduating from the College of Drama in Leipzig she was given engagements at several theatres in the GDR, before launching on an international career as a freelance singer and actress. Sonja Kehler made a name for herself above all as a performer of works by Bertolt Brecht, whether as Shen Te in "The Good Person of Sezuan", as Jenny in "The Threepenny Opera" or as Grusche in "The Caucasian Chalk Circle".

Nevertheless in the 80s she was barely alowed to perform in the GDR. The repression started when one of her musicians didn´t come back to GDR after a concert "in the West". Sonja Kehler told about that time in an interview: "I couldn´t get work in the GDR, no concerts, no recordings, but I was allowed to tour abroad again because it brought in foreign currency. I had of course done a lot in the GDR before that: concerts, theatre, shows, television work. But at a particular point that all stopped and I was only allowed to perform abroad. At that time Bernd Wefelmeyer was already my accompanist. In 1978 I made a very accomplished Brecht recording with hi but it was never released in the GDR, although WERGO did market it in the West".
The album "Brecht-Portrait" was produced by VEB Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin (GDR), but only released in West Germany on the WERGO label.


Side A:
01 Von der Freundlichkeit der Welt
02 Ballade vom angenehmen Leben
03 Die Seeräuber - Jenny
04 Das Lied von der Unzulänglichkeit menschlichen Strebens
05 Ballade zum § 218
06 Hier ruht die Jungfrau
07 Lied eines Freudenmädchens
08 Das Vielleicht - Lied
09 Kriegslied / Die Mutter liegt im Krankenhaus
10 Legende bom toten Soldaten

Side B:
01 Bilbao Song
02 Das Lied von der harten Nuß
03 Das Was - Man - Hat - Hat - Man - Lied
04 Das Lied vom achten Elefanten
05 Ballade vom Knopfwurf
06 Bei den Hochgestellten
07 Lied vom Kelch
08 Ballade vom Wasserrad

Sonja Kehler - Brecht-Portrait (1978)
(192 kbps, front cover included)

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