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Wolf Biermann ‎- Chile (Ballade Vom Kameramann) / Comandante Che Guevara (Single, 1973)

The poet and singer Wolf Biermann moved as a 17-year-old from the Federal Republic to the GDR in 1953. His unccompromisingly critical songs and poetry led in 1965 to a long period of exclusion from the GDR´s officially promoted culture, but he continued to write, perform, and even record his songs at his home in East Berlin´s Chausseestraße.

His apartment became the meeting-place for critical writers and thinkers, like the poets Helga Novak and Sarah Kirsch, the prominent dissident Robert Havemann, the poet and essayist Rainer Kirsch, the poet Kurt Bartsch, and the novelist Fritz Rudolf Fries. In 1976 Biermann was expatriated during an officially approved concert tour in the Federal Republic.

The unusual degree of unrest which this produced among GDR intellectuals led many to leave the GDR for the West, among them Sarah Kirsch and Kurt Bartsch.


A Chile (Ballade Vom Kameramann) 4:00
B Comandante Che Guevara 3:27

Wolf Biermann ‎- Chile (Ballade Vom Kameramann) / Comandante Che Guevara (Single, 1973)

(192 kbps, cover art included)

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