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Folkländer - Wenn man fragt, wer hat´s getan (Amiga, 1982)

In the 1970s, there was a really thriving independent East German folk scene, based around clubs, folk-workshops, a circuit of Tanz-Häuser (dance houses comparable to Hungary´s táncház scene) and the inevitable Stadtfeste.

Folkländer grew out of rehearsal sessions in Leipzig in January 1976. The group went on to become one of East Germany´s most import folk-rock bands although Folkländer and Bierfiedler were a classic example of Ossi intertwining. In 1976 Folkländer organized the "1. DDR-offene Folkwerkstatt" in Leipzig.

Bands memebers came and went like bees at an orchard hive on a sunny day but with that entomological nightmare tendency to return to the wrong hive. Jürgen B. Wolff, later of Duo Sonnenschirm fame, later graphic artist for Rudolstadt, conducted research that would greatly inform Folkländer´s repertoire.

"Wenn man fragt, wer hat´s getan" is a live recording, released in February, 1982.


A2Widele Wedele / Ältester Schottisch3:45
A3Branle / Bettlerlied2:53
A4Schottisch / Zwiefacher3:00
A5Der Deserteur3:07
A6Gute Nacht, Auf Wiederseh'n, Marie4:23
A7Auf Du Junger Wandersmann3:05
B2Heit Gieht's Nôch Sachsen Naus0:35
B3Der Deutsche Philister3:33
B4Ballade Von Den Seeräubern4:47
B5Der Herr Von Falkenstein4:20
B6Mönch Und Nonne / Böhmische Polka2:15

Folkländer - Wenn man fragt, wer hat´s getan (Amiga, 1982)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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