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VA - Der Oktober-Klub und seine Freunde (Schallfolie, 1969)

Singe-Bewegung" and "Oktoberklub" in East Germany, part 9.

Born out of the Hootenanny Club and the "Singebewegung" (Singing Movement) Oktoberklub (also Oktober-Klub) was a political activist's song group in the GDR (German Democratic Republic/ East Germany). The band derives its name from the october revolution. Oktoberklub sang international political songs (partially in "Nachdichtungen"), self-creations as well as traditional folk and working class songs.

"Der Oktober-Klub und seine Freunde" is a collection of live recordings released in 1969 on the "OKTAV akustisch Nr. 3 Schallfolie", a flexi disc produced in Moscow on the Melodija label and released by the "Verlag Junge Welt" in East Berlin.

A1: Oktober-Klub Berlin - Verbesserungsvorschlag
A2: Gruppe "Lutschina" Moskau - Im dunklen Wald
A3: Tolcsvay-Trio Budapest - Tánc

B1: Oktober-Klub Berlin - Vietnam-Siegerlied
B2: Joan und José - A la Huelga - Auf zum Streik

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