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Hilmar Thate singt Brecht (LITERA, 1968)

Born in 1931, he made his stage debut at a theatre in Cottbus in 1949, after studying acting at the Schauspielschule in Halle. Later he was an ensemble member at East Germany's most respected theaters, the Maxim-Gorki-Theater (1952 -1959), Berliner Ensemble (1959 -1971) and Deutsches Theater (1971 -1980). He was chosen East German "Stage Actor of the Year" twice.

After songwriter Wolf Biermann was stripped off his citizenship by the East German government in 1976, Thate and his wife Angelica Domröse joined a group of artists, protesting against the decision. Four years later, they finally emigrated to West Germany.

Here´s his album recorded at the Berliner Ensemble with songs and ballads by Bertolt Brecht from "Arturo Ui", "Mutter", "Die Tage der Commune" and many more in compositions by Dessau, Eisler, Brecht and Hosalla.

Hilmar Thate died September 14, 2016 in Berlin, age 85.

Hilmar Thate singt Brecht (LITERA, 1968)
(192 kbps)

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