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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Tribute To Neil Young (1970, Bootleg)

"Manic Depression" was one of those Italian labels that appeared at the end of the '80s selling hard-to-find live concerts on CDs for the first time. This was among the earliest CSNY CD bootlegs with a professionally designed cover and quite a nice selection of rarities all in very good sound.

The main part of this bootleg was a CSNY concert from June of 1970 that is supposedly at Lakehurst in New Jersey. It is a nice soundboard with very good to excellent sound.

The label wanted to showcase Neil Young's talents from the beginning and included early demos, work with his band The Squires and Buffalo Springfield. Whoever was the source offered pretty high quality tapes, the seven 1965 demos that Young will hopefully release on his archive set and even a couple of Buffalo Springfield acetates and demos.

Even Buffalo Springfield's performance at Monterey Pop, left off the official release, shows up here. This incomplete show has never been released even after 40 years. Only one track, For What It's Worth, was finally released in June 2007 on a Razor & Tie Monterey Pop collection.

The CSNY show has seven Young songs out of the show's 18. The Young medley of The Loner, Cinnamon Girl and Down By The River boasted his talent as guitarist and soloist. The 13-minute long Southern Man closed the show in fine hard rock tradition. With Neil Young, CSN gained a harder sound to offset their folky image.

Consider "Tribute To Neil Young" a fan's dream of what his archive release will be. This was a great start to the CD bootleg era. Thanks to the folks at "Manic Depression", whoever you are.
- The Little Chicken

Disc I
Track 101 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (14.8MB)
Track 102 Blackbird (6.3MB)
Track 103 On The Way Home (7.1MB)
Track 104 Teach Your Children (8.2MB)
Track 105 Tell Me Why (8.0MB)
Track 106 The Loner Medley: The Loner/ Cinnamon Girl/ Down By The River (14.9MB)
Track 107 Black Queen (10.1MB)
Set II
Track 108 49 Bye-Byes/ For What It's Worth (10.9MB)
Track 109 Love The One You're With (5.5MB)
Track 110 As I Come Of Age (4.6MB)
Track 111 Pre-Road Downs (5.3MB)
Track 112 Long Time Gone (8.3MB)
Track 113 4 And 20 [live at Big Sur, April 1, 1969] (2.7MB)
Disc II
Track 201 Helplessly Hoping (8.1MB)
Track 202 Ohio (5.8MB)
Track 203 Southern Man (17.9MB)
Neil Young unreleased 1965 demos
Track 204 Sugar Mountain (3.7MB)
Track 205 Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (4.0MB)
Track 206 Run Around Babe (3.6MB)
Track 207 Don't Pity Me Babe (6.8MB)
Track 208 I Ain't Got The Blues (3.6MB)
Track 209 The Rent Is Always Due (3.8MB)
Track 210 When It Falls It Falls Over You (3.5MB)
Buffalo Springfield
Track 211 Down To The Wire [1967 Gold Star acetate] (3.4MB)
Track 212 Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It [1967 Gold Star acetate] (4.2MB)
There Goes My Babe [1966 demo; officially released on Buffalo Springfield boxset]
One More Sign [1966 demo; officially released on Buffalo Springfield boxset]
The Squires from 1963
Track 215 Sultan (3.4MB)
Track 216 Aurora (3.2MB)
Buffalo Springfield
[live at Monterey Pop Festival, June 17-18, 1967. Neil Young had left and was replaced by Doug Hastings who would later join Rhinoceros. David Crosby is said to have guested here.]
For What It's Worth [officially released by Razor & Tie, June 5, 2007]
Track 218 Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (4.8MB)
Track 219 Rock 'n' Roll Woman (5.6MB)
Track 220 Bluebird (6.1MB)
Track 221 Guinevere [live at Big Sur, April 1, 1969] (6.3MB)

All other tracks are live at Lakehurst, New Jersey, June 30, 1970.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Tribute To Neil Young (Bootleg, 1970)
(192 kbps, cover art included

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Jonathan F. King hat gesagt…

David Crosby definitely did appear with Buffalo Springfield at Monterey Pop (tracks 217-220). I was there and saw him! Plus it's a widely known fact in Springfield circles.

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Interesting album, many thanks for posting.

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for your comments. Best wishes!

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Are some tracks missing?

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The Tracks 213, 214 and 217 are sadly missing!

Could you please repost?

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