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Lightnin Hopkins - From The Vaults Of Everest Records - CD 2 - Prison Blues

Released by Collectables in 1990, "Prison Blues" is the second in a four-part Golden Classics series of Lightnin' Hopkins recordings that were originally issued on LPs during the 1960s on the Everest Archive of Folk label. (Anyone who frequented the cutout bins in record stores during the '70s probably remembers those marked down Everests vividly.) The entire Golden Classics set was reissued in 2001 as a 63-track package titled "From the Vaults of Everest".

As a single, 16-cut CD, "Prison Blues" gives an excellent idea of where Lightnin' was at during the '60s. Some of these blues are slow, thick, and rich like blackstrap molasses. Others ("Good Times," "Keep Movin' On") are propelled by kick drums. "Gonna Pull a Party" and "Til the Gin Gets Here" are pared down, boogie-based romps; "Long Gone Like a Turkey Through the Corn" sounds like a logical extension of what Florida-born guitarist Blind Blake was up to during the '20s. Perhaps the most beautiful interludes in this collection are Lightnin''s rendition of Ma Rainey's "See See Rider" and the amazing "Long Time," a distillation of the entire blues idiom that says everything that needs to be expressed in just one-minute and thirty-nine seconds.

A1Keep Movin' On
A2That's My Story
A3Dillon's Store
A4Long Time
A5Rainy Day Blues
A7Long Gone Like A Turkey Thru The Corn
A8Goin' Back Home
B1Prison Blues Come Down On Me
B2Backwater Blues
B3Gonna Full A Party
B4Bluebird Bluebird
B5See See Rider
B6Worrying My Mind
B7Till The Gin Gets Here
B8Good Times

Lightnin Hopkins - From The Vaults Of Everest Records - CD 2 - Prison Blues 
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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Unknown hat gesagt…

I discovered Lightnin', Woody Guthrie, and many others in those Everest cutouts. Thanks for the memory & the music.

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for sharing your memories with us. Greetings!

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