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Newport Folk Festival 1963 - The Evening Concert Vol. 1

PhotobucketFrom the liner notes:

"Freebody Park in Newport, R. I., is a vast, rambling, open piece of real estate bounded on one side by a large stage which is surrounded on all sides by music lovers.
There, under the stars, have been held the evening concerts of the three Newport Folk Festivals in the summers of 1959, 1960 and 1963.
The peninsula on which this historic city is situated - it was a center of trade and smuggling in colonial days, and then a famous resort - just out into Narragansett Bay, and fogs are frequent. The sight of a performer on the stage as the fog billows and eddies around him beneath the colored lights, often adds to the impact of the performance.
But foggy weather or clear, the relaxed atmosphere and open-air sourroundings at the park lend themselves well to a folk concert.
"Contrast" and "variety" are the first words which come to mind in describing the performers on this disk. Their backgrounds are as diverse as the United States population. This is true of the entire roster of singers at these festival concerts, which included intellectuals, primitives, students, teachers, farmers and professional musicinans."

The album presents live recordings by Mississippi John Hurt, Jack Elliott, Ian & Sylvia, The Freedom Singers, Sam Hinton and Bob Dylan.

Newport Folk Festival 1963 - The Evening Concert Vol. 1
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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