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Tom Rush - Blues, Songs & Ballads (1963)

With his warm and slightly world-weary baritone voice, solid acoustic guitar playing, and gifted if hardly prolific songwriting skills, Tom Rush was one of the finest and most unsung performers to come out of the '60s urban folk revival

Consisting mostly of traditional blues covers, this early acoustic effort was cut at the same May 1963 session that led to the "Got a Mind to Ramble" LP. An excellent example of the blues/folk revival of the early 1960s. The singing, guitar, and washtub bass are great. 

A1Alabama Bound3:10
A2More Pretty Girls1:40
A3Sister Kate3:05
A4Original Talking Blues4:10
A5Pallet On The Floor3:55
A6Drop Down Mama4:05
B1Rag Mama2:30
B2Barb'ry Allen6:40
B4Come Back Baby2:20
B6Baby Please Don't Go2:50

Tom Rush - Blues, Songs & Ballads (1963)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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