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Dog Faced Hermans - Treat (Live Tape 1989)

The Dog Faced Hermans was a five-piece band whose style could be described as anarcho-punk incorporating folk and noise influences as well as unorthodox instrumentation. Formed in Scotland, they'd relocated at the end of the 80s to Amsterdam and released a superb single, the never-on-album "Time Bomb". Their close association with The Ex resulted in a joint tour of Europe, a tremendous collaborative single called "Stonestamper´s Song" recorded under the name Ex Faced Hermans and the here presented split cassette "Treat (Live 1989)".

Disbanded in 1995, members of the Dog Faced Hermans moved on to other notable projects including the Canadian ensemble Rhythm Activism and Holland's The Ex, with whom they collaborated and were closely affiliated.

"Treat "is a split cassette release from Dog Faced Hermans and The Ex, one side per band. Here´s the Dog Face Hermans side.
Dog Faced Hermans - Treat (Live Tape, 1989)
(mp3, 192 kbps, ca. 61 MB, no covers)

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Thom Dibdin hat gesagt…

The cover of this utter splendid cassette is illustrated on Discogs.

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks for the link. Best wishes!

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