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Male - Zensur & Zensur (1979)

Male was one of the first punk rock bands with german lyrics and a prototype of the arising "Neue Deutsche Welle".

Male was found in December, 1976 in Düsseldorf by Jürgen Engler, Bernward Malaka and Stefan Schwaab. After their firs gig in March, 1977 at the famous "Ratinger Hof" they played at some historic relevant festivals of the growing german punk scene, for example by the opening of the "SO 36" in Berlin and at the "Into The Future"- and "In die Zukunft"-festivals.

In 1979 they released the album "Zensur & Zensur", the first punk-album with only german lyrics. This german punk-rock classic was recorded at Studio Klangwerkstatt, March 1979.


A1 Bilk '80
A2 Risikofaktor 1:x
A3 Kontrollabschnitt
A4 Zensur & Zensur
A5 1 Tag Düsseldorf
A6 Haftbefehl
A7 Vaterland
B1 Polizei
B2 Ampelstadt
B3 Großeinsatz
B4 Zensur-Dub
B5 KH 3
B6 Erinnerungen
B7 Planspiel

Male - Zensur & Zensur (1979)
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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