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Lightnin Hopkins - It´s A Sin To Be Rich (1972)

This recording brings to life "lost" sessions recorded spontaneously over a few hours in a L.A. studio in 1972. It's loose, shambolic, and thoroughly authentic. You can all but smell the stale smoke hovering in the air. Hopkins' guitar moans lazily as he banters with buddy John Lee Hooker, then spits out some surprisingly biting slide work. A historic document of the genre.                

Personnel: Lightnin' Hopkins (vocals, guitar, slide guitar, piano); John Lee Hooker (vocals, guitar); Mel Brown (guitar, electric piano, piano); Jesse Edwin Davis, Luther Tucker, Charlie Grimes, David Cohen (guitars); Clifford Coulter (piano, electric piano, melodica, bass); Michael White (violin); Joe Frank Corolla (bass); Lonnie Castile, Bruce Walters, Jim Gordon (drums).


1. Roberta
2. Katie Mae
3. Howlin' Wolf (Lightnin' Hopkins Rap)
4. The Rehearsal (for It's A Sin To Be Rich)
5. It's A Sin To Be Rich, It's A low-Down Shame To Be Poor
6. Y'all Excuse Me
7. Just Out Of Lousisiana
8. Get Out Your Pencil (Lightin' Hopkins Rap)
9. I Forgot To Pull Off My Shoes
10. Turn Me On
11. Candy Kitchen

Recorded May 16 and 17, 1972 at the Village Recorder, Los Angeles.

Lightnin Hopkins - It´s A Sin To Be Rich (1972)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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bventure hat gesagt…

Lightnin' was my firts introduction the the blues, some years before this was even recorded. I still love his style.

zero hat gesagt…

I love his music, too. Best wishes!

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