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VA - Taking Liberties (1994)

The complete title of this long deleted double CD is: "Unity - Be Aware - Fight Back - Taking Liberties - The Criminal Justice And Public Order Act 1994 Is The Death Of Democracy".

The album features exclusive tracks and mixes compiled in 1994 to aid the fight against the civil-liberty threating Criminal Justice Bill that was being passed in the UK back then. All proceeds went to Liberty, Squall, Advance Party & The Freedom Network.

It includes a rare Aphex Twin track, under the Caustic Window alias and a stunning unreleased 14 minutes mix of Blue Room by The Orb, in fact all of the 16 mixes are exclusive to this album. As with the 'Unity' compilation released on t´Totem Records, the cover artwork is by Jamie Reid, the famed artist who designed the "Never Mind The Bollocks" sleeve.

01. Dreadzone - Fight The Power
02. Orbital - Are We Here (Rabbit In The Moon Edit)
03. Test Dept - Critical Frame Of Mind (Criminal Edit)
04. System 7 - Depth Disco (Live)
05. Caustic Window - Phlaps
06. Loop Guru - The 3rd Chamber (Part 7 - Kalahari Dawn)
07. Tribal Drift - Land Rights And Birth Rights
08. Fun-Da-Mental - Mr Bubbleman

01. The Orb - Blue Room (Blue Lamp Mix)
02. Trans-Global Underground - Voyager (Trans Migration Mix)
03. Ultramarine - Trace Element
04. Galliano - Travels The Road (Junglist Dub Mix)
05. The Drum Club - Drums Are Dangerous(Stand and Fight Mix)
06. Zion Train - European Convention Dub
07. The Shamen - Persephone's Quest
08. The Prodigy - Their Law (Feat. P.W.E.I.)

VA - Taking Liberties (1994) CD 1
VA - Taking Liberties (1994) CD 2
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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