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Odetta - Sings Folk Songs (1963)

One of the strongest voices in the folk revival and the civil rights movement, Odetta was born on New Year's Eve 1930 in Birmingham, AL.
Odetta's most productive decade as a recording artist came in the 1960s, when she released 16 albums, including "Odetta at Carnegie Hall", "Christmas Spirituals", "Odetta and the Blues", "It's a Mighty World", and "Odetta Sings Dylan".
In December 2008, she died of heart disease in New York.       

"Odetta Sings Folk Songs" is an Odetta album first released in 1963, produced by Mickey Crofford. It was her second release on her new label, RCA Victor and is out of print. It peaked at number 75 on the Billboard Pop Albums charts.

  1. "900 Miles" – 3:10
  2. "Blowin' in the Wind" (Bob Dylan) – 4:09
  3. "Maybe She Go" – 1:54
  4. "I Never Will Marry" – 1:55
  5. "Yes I See" – 2:53
  6. "Why'n Oh Why" – 2:05
  7. "Shenandoah" – 3:46
  8. "The Golden Vanity" – 4:02
  9. "Roberta" – 3:07
  10. "Anthem of the Rainbow" – 4:07
  11. "All My Trials" – 3:32
  12. "This Little Light of Mine" (Harry Loes) – 3:03
Odetta - Sings Folk Songs (1963)
(192 kbps, front cover included)

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