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The Critics Group – Ye Mariners All (1971)

The Critics Group (also known as the London Critics Group) started out as a study group for singers in 1963, meeting at Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger's home in Beckenham. The Group, with no permanent membership, performed for each other and criticised each other, with a shared aim of improving the singing and performance of traditional folk song.
In 1972 the principal performing members of the Critics Group broke away from MacColl's leadership and formed the left-wing theatre group Combine, which produced weekly events in an east London pub, the Knave of Clubs. They created songs, plays and other events in a similar manner to the Critics, culminating in the Vietnam Victory Show of April 1975 which celebrated the final liberation of Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City.


Side One:
  1. Ja, Ja, Ja — Dick Snell and Chorus
  2. The Indian Lass — Brian Pearson vocals
  3. The Cruel Ship's Captain — Ewan MacColl
  4. Paddy Get Back — Aldwyn Cooper and chorus
  5. Jack the Jolly Tar — Ewan MacColl and chorus
  6. The Ship in Distress — Terry Yarnell
  7. Cheer'ly Man — Ewan MacColl and chorus
  8. The Spanish Fight — Brian Pearson
  9. Andrew Rose — Terry Yarnell and chorus
  10. Bangidero — John Faulkner and chorus

Side Two:
  1. The Mermaid — Ewan MacColl
  2. Goodbye, Fare You Well — Dick Snell and chorus
  3. The Bold Princess Royal — John Faulkner
  4. Clear the Track — Ewan MacColl and chorus
  5. Captain Ward and the Rainbow — Ewan MacColl
  6. The Sea Martyrs — Terry Yarnell, John Faulkner, Dick Snell
  7. Cruising Round Yarmouth — Phil Colclough and chorus
  8. Ye Mariners All — John Faulkner
  9. Galloping Randy Dandy O! — Ewan MacColl and chorus
  10. Leave her, Johnny — Ewan MacColl and chorus

The Critics Group – Ye Mariners All (1971)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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