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Miriam Makeba - The World Of Miriam Makeba (1963)

Originally posted in February 2011:
Today i had the chance to see the documentary "Mama Africa" by director Mika Kaurismaki. He stitches together archive footage and fresh interviews to pay overdue cinematic homage to legendary South African singer Miriam Makeba .
The documentary was the idea of co-screenwriter and co-producer Don Edkins, and was being developed with Makeba when she died in 2008, at 76.

The worst that can be said about the film is that her presence is sorely missed. The already interesting material on her colorful life would be that much more compelling with her to comment on it.

This is a fine opportunity for posting "The World Of Miriam Makeba" (1963). Miriam Makeba returned to RCA Victor Records for her third album, which was given more of a pop sheen by producers Hugo & Luigi, who employed an orchestra conducted by Makeba find Hugh Masekela (soon to be the singer's husband).

As usual, the song list consisted mostly of originals sung by Makeba in her native language, but there were also some songs sung in English, such as the tango "Forbidden Games," the Negro spiritual "Little Boy," and "Where Can I Go?" (which appeared to comment directly on her stateless status since being banned from South Africa), while Makeba performed "Tonados de Media Noche" in Spanish and "Vamos Chamar Ovento" in Portuguese.

Her profile had expanded since her self-titled RCA debut in 1960, and even since her Kapp Records release "The Many Voices of Miriam Makeba" a year earlier, both musically and in terms of her political status as an opponent of apartheid (the liner notes mentioned her appearance before the United Nations), and that may have helped make "The World of Miriam Makeba" her first commercial success on records.

A2Forbidden Games
A3Pole Mze
A4Little Boy
A6Vamos Chamar Ovento
B3Wonders And Things
B4Tonados De Media Noche (Song At Midnight)
B5Into Yam
B6Where Can I Go?

(192 kbps, front cover included)

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