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Ute Lemper sings/chante Kurt Weill

Asked by Decca Records, Michael Haas was searching for a singer for a Kurt Weill album. He thought it should not be a professional classical singer, it should be an actress singer like Lotte Lenya.

After a long research, Haas encountered a German born actress, Ute Lemper. He discovered "the ideal combination of astonishing musicality and a text awareness which is both idiomatic and sensitive, whether the texts are German, French or English."

These recordings are cleverly well produced one and very entertaining. Lemper's singing succeeded in adding some new nuances on Lenya's interpretations. Her singing sometimes gets very close to the excessive points, but she never goes beyond. She stays in a good sense with humor.

Ute Lemper is a vocalist in that great European femme fatale tradition of Lenya, Piaf, and Dietrich and certainly to my lights the leading interpreter today of Weill's songs plus works by other European composers for the musical and cabaret.


1 La Chanson De Bilbao 4:39
2 La Complainte De La Seine
3 Firebrand Of Chappel
4 La Chanson De Barbara 4:02
5 La Ballade De La Jeune Fille Noyée 2:28
6 Rosa, La Rouge 2:26
7 Chanson Du Fil A Retordre 0:51
8 Surabaya-Johnny 4:37
9 Le Tango Des Matelots 4:29
10 La Ballade De Lili L'Infernale 1:50
11 Oh! Songez Donc Monsieur Jakob Schmidt 1:13
12 Chansons Des Iles Brunes
13 La Lettre D`Adieu
14 Combien De Temps Encore?
15 J´Attends Un navire
16 Youkali
17 Chanson De Septembre
19 Tchaikowksi
19 Trouble Man
20 Reve D´Enfance

Ute Lemper sings/chante Kurt Weill
(192 kbps, front & back cover included)

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