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Albert Ayler - In Greenwich Village (1967)

During 1967-69 avant-garde innovator Albert Ayler recorded a series of albums for Impulse that started on a high level and gradually declined in quality. This LP, Ayler's first Impulse set, was probably his best for that label.

There are two selections apiece from a pair of live appearances with Ayler having a rare outing on alto on the emotional "For John Coltrane" and the more violent "Change Has Come" while backed by cellist Joel Friedman, both Alan Silva and Bill Folwell on basses and drummer Beaver Harris. The other set (with trumpeter Donald Ayler, violinist Michel Sampson, Folwell and Henry Grimes on basses and Harris) has a strong contrast between the simple childlike melodies and the intense solos. However this LP (which was augmented later on by the two-LP set "The Village Concerts") will be difficult to find.         

  1. "For John Coltrane" – 13:38
  2. "Change Has Come" – 6:24
  3. "Truth Is Marching In" – 12:43
  4. "Our Prayer" – 4:43

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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