Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011

V/A - Calypso Ladies 1928-1941 (Heritage)

This fine calypso album was released n 1991 on Heritage records.


Delcina - The Tiger
Señorita Panchita - The Tiger
Carmencita - Lionel Belasco
Nora Darling - The Lion
Peggy Daniels - The Lion
Marian - John «Buddy» Williams
Marian Le'go Me Man - Keskidee Trio
Adeline - Lord Pretender
My Girl Mabel - King Radio
Unfortunate Millie - Wilmoth Houdini
Cecelia - Wilmoth Houdini
Hold Your Hand Madam Khan - Codallo's Top Hatters
Sweet Evalina - Lord Executor
Adelle - Cyril Monrose String Orchestra
Victoria - Cyril Monrose String Orchestra
One Morning - Lord Beginner
Dorothy - The Lion & Atilla the Hun
My Troubles With Dorothy - Lord Executor
Ida, Ida Let Me Know - Codallo's Top Hatters
Ruby Canera - The Caresser
The Diamond Ring for Emaline - The Growler
Marguérite - Gerald Clark
Oh, Emily! - Sam Manning
Emily - The Tiger
Emilia - The Tiger

VA - Calypso Ladies 1928 - 1941
(320 kbps, front cover inlcuded)

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Interesting. Any chances for a re-up?

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