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Ewan MacColl - The Songs Of Robert Burns (Folkways, 1959)

Robert Burns (1759–1796) is generally considered the national poet of Scotland, not only for his poems but for his songs. He avidly collected traditional melodies and composed lyrics to them if these did not exist; if they did exist, he passionately fought to preserve them in their original Scots form rather than Anglicize them. In this album, Ewan MacColl, one of the leaders of the British folk revival, presents a faithful and engaging interpretation of Burns’ great work.

This was the first LP, of many, featuring Ewan MacColl on the USA Folkways label.


Side One

Green Grow the Rashes, O
Landlady, Count the Lawin
I Maun Hae a Wife
O That I Had Ne'er Been Married
Galloway Tam
I Hae a Wife O' My Ain
There's Cauld Kail in Aberdeen
A Braw Wooer
The Rantin Dog, The Daddie O't
Ay Waukin, O
Duncan Grey
Wha'll Mow Me Now?

Side Two

Rattlin Roarin' Willie
Hey Ca' Thro'
To Daunton Me
Jumpin John
What Can a Young Lassie Do Wi' an Auld Man
The Dusty Miller
Tibbie Dunbar
The Cooper O' Cuddy
She's Fair and Fause
The Deil's Awa Wi' Th' Exciseman
A Man's a Man for A' That

Ewan MacColl - The Songs Of Robert Burns (Folkways, 1959)
(256 kbps, front cover inlcuded)

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