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Various Artists - Wackie's Selective Showcase Vol. 1 (vinyl rip, 1980)

Lloyd Barnes (born in 1944 in Jamaica), popularly known as Bullwackie, is the founder of the independent record label Wackies specialized in Jamaican music.

Barnes was a protégé of Prince Buster, and recorded several singles during the 1960s. Lloyd Barnes worked for Duke Reid's Treasure Isle label as an engineer before emigrating to The Bronx, New York in the early 1970s. Here he founded the Wackie's House Of Music record store and behind this shop-front was the first significant reggae studio and label in the United States. The Bullwackie's and Wackies labels followed, along with other imprints such as Senrab, Hamma, and Senta, and during the late 1970s and early 1980s he produced artists such as Horace Andy, Sugar Minott, Junior Byles, Roland Alphonso, Tyrone Evans, and Lee "Scratch" Perry.
Later productions included work by Jackie Mittoo. Barnes also operated a sound system which he used as an outlet for the Wackies recordings.

He presently resides in the Wakefield neighborhood in the New York City borough of the Bronx, where he owns and operates a music studio.

Tracklist :
The Chosen Brothers - March Down Babylon
Noel Delahaye - Mystic Revellation
Leroy Sibbles - This World
Joe Auxumite - Home To Africa
Jezzreel - Love Of My Life
Wayne Jarrett - Darling Your Eyes
Horace Andy - Serious Thing

Engineer : Douglas Levy & Bullwackie
Mixing Engineer : Bullwackie

Producer : Bullwackie

Backing Vocals : The Chosen Brothers
Drums : Joe Isaacs & Jah Scotty & Edmond Sylvester
Bass : Leroy Sibbles & Roy Robertson & Umoja
Lead Guitar : Jerry Harris
Rhythm Guitar : Jerry Harris & Ras Mckonnen
Keyboards : Allah
Horns : Jerry Johnson
Percussions : The Chosen Brothers

Studios :
Recording : Wackie's (New York, USA)
Mixing : Wackie's (New York, USA)

Wackies Selective Showcase Vol. 1 (1980, vinyl rip)
(192 kbps, front cover included)

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