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Element Of Crime - Try To Be Mensch (1987)

Element of Crime is a German rock band that plays melancholic chanson, pop and rock music with guitar, bass guitar, drums, voice and trumpet. The band was found in Berlin in 1985, shortly after a different Berlin-based band to which Sven Regener (vocals, guitar, and trumpet) and Jakob Ilja (guitar) belonged dissolved. 

Not wanting to quit music, however, the duo added bassist Paul Lukas, drummer Uwe Bauer, and saxophonist Jürgen Fabritius, called themselves Element of Crime and started playing around town. The band's name is borrowed from the title of the movie "The Element of Crime" by Lars von Trier. In 1986 their debut full-length, "Basically Sad", was released on indie label ATA TAK, after which Polydor began to take interest in the group. 

Before they could get to work on their next album, however, Bauer and Fabritius both left. Though a drum replacement was found in the form of Richard Pappik, who joined in 1986, the group decided to move forward without a saxophonist, and issued their next record, "Try to Be Mensch", produced by John Cale, in 1987.

No God Anymore (3:49)
She'll Never Die (2:59)
You Shouldn't Be Lonely (3:12)
As Long As I Love You (2:30)
Don't You Smile (5:19)
Something Was Wrong (3:43)
Beware Of Strangers (3:37)
He's Gone (3:15)
The Last Dance (3:21)
Nervous & Blue (4:31)
He Wakes Up In The Morning (Daddy, Daddy) (2:54)

The album was recorded at Fire House, London. and by John Cale, who also played keyboards on track 4, 5, 7, and 10.

Element Of Crime - Try To Be Mensch (1987)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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