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Hugh Masekela‎ - Masekela (1969)

Born and raised in the hell of South African apartheid, Hugh Masekela triumphed over oppression by wielding what Fela Kuti referred to as the weapon of the future–music. The young Masekela was first introduced to the trumpet (his future weapon) by anti-apartheid activist Father Trevor Huddleston. In a few short years, Masekela had developed into a raw but powerful player. Beginning in the mid-’50s, he was one of the most sought after musicians in all of Africa, partnering up with such luminaries as pianist Abdullah Ibrahim (aka Dollar Brand) and singer Miriam Makeba. Finding solidarity and a spirit of resistance in their music, Masekela and his contemporaries took inspiration from America’s more politically outspoken black artists, particularly Miles Davis and Paul Robeson.

It all comes together here, with a magic synthesis of trumpet-led African sounds, jazz, and R&B.                

Hugh Masekela - Masekela (1969)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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thank you

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A distinctive sound. Thanks for the opportunity to explore. Good post!

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Thanks for your feedback. Best wishes!

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