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VA - Rote Lieder - 12. Festival des politischen Liedes 1982

Originally posted in February, 2012:

Today we had the chance to experience the wonderful Stefanie Wüst with her Hanns Eisler interpretations at the "Festival Musik und Politik." So let´s go on with the memories regarding the precursor of this festival...

The Festival of Political Songs was one of the largest music events in East Germany. It was founded by the group Oktoberklub and took place between 1970 and 1990 in East Berlin every February as an official event of the Free German Youth. The event was first organized by the Berlin division, but from 1975 was directed by the Central Committee of the Free German Youth.

Artists from 60 countries participated in the event over the years, and usually between 50 to 80 artists, from around 30 countries, performed, including prominent artists like Mikis Theodorakis, Miriam Makeba, Quilapayún, Inti-Illimani, Silvio Rodríguez, Mercedes Sosa, Canzoniere delle Lame, and Pete Seeger. The mascot of the festival was a red sparrow named Oki (derived from Oktoberklub).

After the collapse of East Germany, the festival lost its function and supporting infrastructure.

The 12th "Festival des politischen Liedes" happened between February 14 – 21, 1982 with Ad Hoc Singers (USA), Bots (Netherlands), Chris Cutler (Great Britain), Illapu (Chile), Sigi Maron (Austria), Quinteto Tiempo (Argentina), Orkest de Volharding (Netherlands), Duo Voga/Turnowski (Hungary), Arbeiterfolk, Kurt Demmler, Gerhard Gundermann, Pietsch/Körbel, Hannes-Zerbe-Blechband (GDR), Liederjan, Hannes Wader (BRD), Hanns-Eisler-Chor (West Berlin).

VA - 12. Festival des poltitischen Liedes 1982

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