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Buffy Sainte-Marie ‎- It's My Way! (1964)

This is one of the most scathing topical folk albums ever made. Sainte-Marie sings in an emotional, vibrato-laden voice of war ("The Universal Soldier," later a hit for Donovan), drugs ("Cod'ine"), sex ("The Incest Song"), and most telling, the mistreatment of Native Americans, of which Sainte-Marie is one ("Now That the Buffalo's Gone"). Even decades later, the album's power is moving and disturbing.   

Though the album did not chart it proved influential in the folk community. It is most famous for two widely covered folk standards, "Universal Soldier" and "Cod'ine", as well as "Now That the Buffalo's Gone", a lament about the continued confiscation of Indian lands, as evidenced by the building of the Kinzua Dam in about 1964. The cover features a mouthbow, which was to be a trademark of her sound on her first three albums.
Cod'ine was also lyrically altered by Janis Joplin and appears on "This is Janis Joplin".

In 2016, "It's My Way!" was inducted by the Library of Congress into the National Recording Registry.


A1 Now That The Buffalo's Gone 2:45
A2 The Old Man's Lament 3:55
A3 Ananias 2:35
A4 Mayoo Sto Hoon 1:19
A5 Cod'ine 5:01
A6 Cripple Creek 1:45
A7 The Universal Soldier 2:15
B1 Babe In Arms 2:30
B2 He Lived Alone In Town 4:35
B3 You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond 2:45
B4 The Incest Song 4:11
B5 Eyes Of Amber 2:16
B6 It's My Way 3:29

Buffy Sainte-Marie ‎- It's My Way!  (1964)
(320 kbps, cover art included)         

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