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Dunkelziffer – Colours & Soul (1983)

A varied New-Wave and experimental band and part of a family of Krautrock-related acts from Cologne, "Dunkelziffer" were formed in 1981 involving members of Phantom Band and musicians that have collaborated in various Can-related solo projects.

Their first LP still misses Can's Damo Suzuki, but another world famous musician takes part: Reebop Kwaku Baah, percussionist of Traffic and late Can.

Also in 1983, this bunch of musicians founded 'The Unknown Cases' and recorded the hit 'Masimba Bele'.

01. Kedema 04:11
02. Bleib nicht so lang im Schatten stehn 02:31
03. This is how you came 08:01
04. Keine Python 03:04
05. Dark number 02:21
06. Free 05:13
07. Colours and soul 04:15
08. Arche Noah 01:39
09. Don't ask me 04:26
10. Beside the light 06:41

Reebop Kwaku Baah: Vocals, Percussion (ex Traffic) (1,3,6,9)
Coco Claus: Vocals (2,4,7,10)
Josefa Martens: Vocals (2,8)
Helmut Zerlett: Keyboards
Wolfgang Schubert: Oboe, Saxophone
Achim Fink: Trombone (2,4,7,10)
Matthias Keul: Bass, Keyboards
Michael Ritter: Bass (3)
Olek Gelba, Reiner Linke: Percussion
Stefan Krachten: Drums

Dunkelziffer – Colours & Soul (1983)
(ca. 256 kbps, cover art included)

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