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Pete Seeger - At the Schaubuehne, West Berlin, Germany, 1967-01-02

For nearly 70 years as a performer, Pete Seeger has embodied the ideals of folk music – communication, entertainment, social comment, historical continuity, inclusiveness.

The songs he has written, and those he has discovered and shared, have helped preserve our cultural heritage, imprinting adults and children with the sounds, traditions and values of our global past and present.

A fearless warrior for social justice and the environment, Pete’s political activism – from the Civil Rights movement and anti-McCarthyism to resistance to fascism and the wars in Vietnam and the Middle East – has become the template for subsequent generations of musicians and ordinary citizens with something to say about the world.

This album was recorded live in Berlin West, January 2nd, 1967 at the Schaubühne. It was digitally remastered from an old tape.


CD 1:
01) Old Joe Clark
02) I wished I were a little swallow
03) We were fourty miles from Albany
04) When I first came to this land
05) Kumbaya
06) Blues (instr.)
07) Rock Island Line
08) Good night, Irene
09) The Bourgeois Blues
10) Suliram
11) Bayeza
12) Tzena, Tzena
13) Schtill, di Nacht.
14) Instrumental (12string guitar)
15) Where have all the flowers gone
16) Turn, turn, turn!
17) Ballad of the Fort Hood Three
18) If I had a hammer

CD 2:
01) I was born in East Virginia
02) I am a union woman
03) There once was a union maid
04) Little boxes
05) Guantanamera
06) Whirling Beethoven (instr.)
07) Die Moorsoldaten
08) Liza Kalvelage
09) We shall overcome
10) How did I know my youth is all spent

Pete Seeger - At the Schaubuehne, West Berlin, Germany, 1967-01-02
(192 kbps, cover art included)

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martinf hat gesagt…

Falls es jemanden interessiert, hier ist der Ton zu seinem Auftritt im Fernsehen der DDR am folgenden Tag: https://brotbeutel.blogspot.com/2021/12/pete-seeger-fernsehen-der-ddr-1967.html

zero hat gesagt…

...many thanks for the link. Best wishes and thanks for posting!

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