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VA - In die Zukunft (1980)

This album was recorded at the "In die Zukunft" festival at the "Markthalle" in Hamburg on 29.06.1979. It was organized by the label owner and music journalist Alfred Hilsberg.

Hilsberg was involved in the spread of punk in the Federal Republic of Germany from 1978. In the music magazine Sounds (issue 3/78) he presented the Cologne / Düsseldorf punk scene with the article “Rodenkirchen is burning”. A year later, he coined the term "Neue Deutsche Welle" (NDW) in another Sounds article.

As head of his record label Zigzack, he promoted bands such as Abwärts, Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Krupps, FSK, Palais Schaumburg, Die Tödliche Doris, The Wirtschaftswunder, Die Zimmermänner and Xmal Deutschland. He rejected musically (in his opinion) less interesting, but later commercially successful bands such as Trio or Extrabreit. In the first five years of existence, ZickZack released over 100 vinyl records and cassettes.

 His work had a strong influence on the "Geniale Dilletanten" scene in West Berlin and the "Hamburger Schule" ("Hamburg school"). Since 1992 Alfred Hilsberg has continued his work with the newly founded label What's So Funny About and released the first Blumfeld albums and albums by Die Erde, 39 Clocks, Die Haut, Cpt. Kirk &., Mutter, Knarf Rellöm and Saalschutz.


A1 Hans-A-Plast – Es brennt
A2 Big Muff – Scheißegal
A3 Big Muff – Blackout
A4 Geisterfahrer – Magazine
A5 Geisterfahrer– Zweischlag
A6 KFC – Für Elli
A8 KFC – Folta für Travolta
B1 Buttocks – Lifer
B2 Buttocks – Emetic Girl
B3 Buttocks – Eurovision
B4 Din A Testbild – Hiroshima
B5 ZK – Heimweh
B6 ZK – Hochspannung
B7 Male – Vaterland
B8 Male – Sirenen
B9 Male – Risikofaktor 1:x

VA - In die Zukunft (1980)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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