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Hannes Wader - Singt Arbeiterlieder

German political folk singer Hannes Wader was born in Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia in 1942. Wader repertoire consists of traditional German folk songs (volksmusik), provocative social commentaries, blue-collar ballads and songs based around the works of poets and classical composers. He still tours regularly in Germany.

He was an important figure in German leftist circles from the 1970s on, with his songs covering such themes as socialist and communist resistance to oppression in Europe and other places like Latin America. He both wrote new songs and played versions of older historical works.


01 Dem Morgenrot entgegen
02 Auf, auf zum Kampf
03 Der kleine Trompeter
04 Bella ciao
05 Mamita mia
06 Die Thaelmann-Kolonne
07 El pueblo unido
08 Trotz alledem (Dass sich die F
09 Das Einheitsfrontlied
10 Solidaritaetslied
11 Die Moorsoldaten
12 Lied vom Knueppelchen
13 Die Internationale

Hannes Wader - Singt Arbeiterlieder
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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