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Elster Silberflug - Komm in meinen Rosengarten (1976)

Elster Silberflug was a German folk band form Heidelberg.

In 1971 Ulrich Freise, Hartmut Hoffmann and Thomas Ziebarth met Lutz Berger, Barbara Grosse and Diethard Hess after a trip to India in Heidelberg. They founded the band Elster Silberflug and settled in Heidelberg . They did numerous tours in the Federal Republic of Germany. In 1976 the album "Ich fahr dahin" , which had already been recorded in 1974, was released. In 1977 the album "Komm in meinen Rosengarten" , which was produced in 1976, was released. Most of the pieces on the albums are melodically arranged folk songs from the 19th century, some songs composed by band members, some are from other eras. In the 1

In 1978 the group was dissolved. Some of the band members played with the newly founded Bernies Autobahn Band , while the other musicians continued to make folk-oriented music.

Since 1988 there is a band called Elster Silberflug again. The musicians Holger Funke , Dorle Ferber (former member of Cochise) and Christian Vogel were new members of the group. The group can often be seen at medieval markets. 

"Komm in meinen Rosengarten" was recorded around the full moon of october 1976 at the recording studio "St. Blasien", Northeim with the 2-track-technique without playback and cuts.

Tracks :
01. Grüß Gott, dich schöner Maien (trad.)
02. Widele, wedele, hinterm Städele (trad.)
03. Ach Elslein, liebes Elselein trad.)
 04. Rondeau (L.Berger)
05. Es gingen drei Gesellen (trad.)
06. Komm in meinen Rosengarten (U.Freise)
07. Der Minnebote (trad.)
 08. Windeshall (T.Ziebarth)
09. Lichtumflossen (H.Hoffmann)
10. Feuerlein Tanz (U.Freise)
11. Nächtens war ich trunken (trad)
12. Drei Laub auf einer Linden (trad.)
13. Laubblätter tanzen (trad.)
14. Rheinländer (trad.)

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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