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Klaus der Fiedler und Toni - Straßenmusik

Music has provided an outlet for expressing the political vision of violinist and composer Klaus der Geiger (born Klaus von Wrochem). Performing as a street musician since 1970, Klaus der Geiger has spoken out against housing shortages and the limiting of tenant and human rights. In addition to performing many concerts for the homeless, he has participated in numerous demonstrations against nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants.

A native of the small German city of Doppoldiswalde, halfway between Dresden and Dubi, Klaus der Geiger studied in Cologne under American composer Mauricio Kagel. Traveling to the United States in the late-'60s, he attracted attention as a political-minded street musician in Boston and San Diego. When his request for a visa extension was rejected, due to his political outspokenness, he returned to Germany.

This album is a live recording from October 1975. One part was recorded in a pedestrian zone in Frankfurt with a 2-track-machine. The other part was recorded with a 4-track-recorder in the "Kneißl-Keller", part of the autonomus community center in Munich-Milbertshofen. On the later recording, Klaus der Geiger was accompanied by Tommi (guitar) and Uli (harmonium).

1. Bolle [4:12]
2. Oberaufsichtsrat [4:01]
3. Frühlingslied [3:10]
4. Rosie [3:10]
5. Amazing Grace [6:25]
6. Herstatt-Blues [5:19]
7. Die Katharina Focke [2:42]
8. Kumpellied [7:09]
9. Nachbar [5:57]

Klaus der Fiedler und Toni - Straßenmusik
(320 kbps, cover art included)

With special greetings to Otto - thanks a lot for your patience!

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You are very welcome. I am planning to post one or two more Klaus der Geiger albumes. Best wishes!

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Tolle Idee. Many thanks!

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ginge ein re-up?

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Of course. Best wishes!

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Thanks & Danke & Gracias & Merci

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Please re-upload!

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Refreshed... All the best!

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