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Fiedel Michel - Kennst Du das Land... (1981)

The West German folk revival that followed in the wake of the Anglo-American folk revival of the 1960s and 1970s took a strong edge of political and social criticism that left little room for folk romanticism. Partly associated with the "68 generation" (the German political students´movement that also based their protest on, among many other issues, the Nazi bakcground of their parent´s generaation), groups and performers such as Hannes Wader, Franz Josef Degenhard, Liederjan, Zupfgeigenhansel and Fiedel Michel built up a large repertoire of worker´s songs, political material, and songs from as far back as the Peasant´s Wars of 1525 and the 1848 revolution.
Musically, these performers also deviated srongly from previous folk traditins. Similar to revival performers in other European countries, many Germans started out by imitating American, Irish, and Scottish musicians and developed an interest in their own mus only later.

Fiedel Michel´s album "Kennst Du das Land..." was released in 1981 on the Nature label. It was recorded in Dublin. The titel track is their version of the famous Erich Kastner poem. "Friedlicher Mittag" is based on a poem by Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, an important forerunner of the German so-called Pop-Literatur.


A1Kennst Du das Land, wo die Kanonen Blühn ? 5:15
A2Kleines Rondo 3:55
A3Der Winter ist vergangen 3:20
A4Friedlicher Mittag 2:50
A5In Senden ist der Löwe los 4:10
B1Raumschot 3:26
B2Ich bin ein freier Mann 4:05
B3Trilobit 4:45
B4Mein Michel 3:40
B5Meridian 3:55

Fiedel Michel - Kennst Du das Land... (1981)
(320 kbps, front cover included, vinyl rip)

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