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Ihre Kinder - Werdohl (1971)

Ihre Kinder is a German rock band which made five studio albums during the period 1969- 1972, and then some years later they recorded a live record 1982. Ihre Kinder means "Their Children".
"Werdohl" was the follow-up to the famous album "2375 004" ("Jeans-Cover"). Published later in the same year (1971) it showed a remarkable musical development. Song structures and instrumentation were more complex now with heavy influences from Jazz, blues, and even classical music. Winds, pianos, organs and several acoustic guitars are used. In most of the songs the lyrics tend more towards poetical than political expression ("Unterwegs", "Komm, wir fahr'n auf's Land").

Overall this album is versatile and entertaining but a little unsecure in musical style. Ihre Kinder started to suffer from the ongoing changing of band members. On "Werdohl". Co-founder Sonny Hennig only joins on two songs as "guest".

The main shortcomings are the somewhat murky singing and the sometimes immature words. While on "2375 004" the singing suited the melancholic and dark lyrics and the more folky music here on "Werdohl" it cannot bear the weight of the heavyily arranged and instrumented music.


A1 Babylon 2:58
A2 Rosa Rot 3:44
A3 Unterwegs / 8 Vor Zwei 5:23
A4 Worte 4:18
A5 Komm, Wir Fahr'n Auf's Land 3:48
B1 Werdohl 7:20
B2 Die Graue Stadt 3:39
B3 Kennst Du Den Mann 3:21
B4 Schlaf-Lied 3:38

Ihre Kinder - Werdohl (1971)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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glado hat gesagt…

great post - thank you! Saw them in concert in the '70s in a small city called "Zug" in Switzerland. Sonny Hennig (RIP 2019) was totally underrated. See also:
"Tränengas auf alle meine Fragen" (Solo-Lp S.H.-Tränengas)

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks for sharing your memories. Hope to post "Tränengas" later this year. All the best!

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