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Special Beat - Live (1992)

Special Beat is a band put together in the early '90s by ex-members of the Specials and the English Beat, headed by Beat toaster Ranking Roger; former Fine Young Cannibals trumpeter Graham Hamilton is also present. The group's raison d'être seems to be mounting tours with a featured repertoire of Specials/English Beat classics -- and they have met with considerable road success in England and Japan. Their recordings -- all live, all quite similar -- include 1992's "Live", 1994's "Live In Japan", and 1998's "Gangsters".

The current popularity of ska, reggae's sweaty, galloping predecessor, can be traced directly back to several albums of the early 1980s by the Specials and the Beat (known in the U.S. as the English Beat, in order to distinguish them from a San Francisco band of the same name). Sadly, those bands broke up after only a few years, but their legacies live on in various revival bands, among them the Special Beat, which features several members from each of the two groups. This live album is pure greatest-hits rehash, of course, featuring such oldies-but-goodies as "Mirror in the Bathroom," "Concrete Jungle" and the crowd-pleasing "Ranking Full Stop" -- all modern ska classics you'd expect to hear from this lineup. Vocalists Ranking Roger (of the Beat) and Neville Staples (of the Specials) have lost none of their energy and conviction, and the sound is excellent (with the exception of the buried vocals on "Too Much Too Young"). This may be a nostalgia trip, but it's a fun one.

This album was recorded at Tic Toc, Coventry, UK in July 1992.


1 Concrete Jungle
2 Monkey Man
3 Tears Of A Clown
4 Rough Rider
5 Too Much Too Young
6 Spar Wid Me
7 Rat Race
8 Too Nice To Talk To
9 Get A Job
10 Nite Klub
11 Gangsters
12 Ranking Full Stop
13 Mirror In The Bathroom
14 Enjoy Yourself

(320 kbps, cover art included)

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