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Peter Rohland - 48er Lieder - Lieder deutscher Demokraten

In West Germany from the 1960s onwards, the revived folk song inspired a renewed interest in the songs of the Vormärz and 1848. Singers identified with the basic gesture of rebellion in the satirical Spottlieder, the parodies of authority and servility and the anti-arm songs. Above all, the interest in the 1848 songs lay in the discovery of something new: distinct from the tradition of folk sng that had been co-opted by the Nazis and was now viewed as Nazi-tainted, the 1848 songs represented a "low" tradition of oppositional art.

This was significant in a young Federal Republic where oppositin was struggling to find political and cultural expression. These songs were, however, not readily accessible. School books did not contain information about protest movements and their songs. Examples of the tradition of the German democratic folk song were to be found, however, in Wolfgang Steinitz´s GDR collection Deutsche Volsklieder demokratischen Charackters aus 6 Jahrhunderten. And libraries and city archives contained numerous paphlets ("Flugblätter") of Vormärz and 1848 songs.

It was in such archives that the Swabian Peter Rohland (born 22 February 1933, died 5 April 1966) and the twins from Pirmasens, Hein and Oss Kröher, set about researching and thus reclaiming a lost cultural inheritance. Rohland and the Kröhers stemmed from the Jugendbewegung, whose refounding in 1945 after being banned by the Nazis heralded the beginning of a revival of the German folk song.

Peter Rohland´s 1848 album was recorded prior to his premature death in 1966. It reflects the initial exuberance of rediscovery of a forgotten tradition.


A1Deutschland, du zerrissen Herz1:15
A3Deutscher Nationalreichtum2:45
A4O König von Preußen2:35
A5In dem Kerker saßen2:05
A6Wo soll ich mich hinkehren2:03
A7Der gute, stammelnde Untertan1:30
A8Seht, da steht der große Hecker3:25
A9Lied eines kosmopolitanischen Nachtwächters2:10
B1Hier im Ort ist ein Gericht2:09
B2Brandenburg, Brandenburg2:45
B3Mein Deutschland2:00
B4Im März da hast du gestritten1:55
B5Michels Abendlied1:40
B6Noch ist Polen nicht verloren2:18
B7Denkt ihr daran2:00
B8Ausgelitten, ausgerungen2:25
B9Trotz alledem1:40
B10Mein Vater wird gesucht2:54
B11Die Moorsoldaten2:25

Peter Rohland - 48er Lieder - Lieder deutscher Demokraten
(256 kbps, cover art included)             

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