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Dick Gaughan - A Different Kind Of Love Song (Amiga)

Though primarily steeped in the traditions of folk and Celtic music, Scottish singer/songwriter Dick Gaughan has enjoyed a lengthy and far-reaching career in a variety of creative pursuits. Born Richard Peter in 1948, he first picked up the guitar at the age of seven, and issued his debut solo LP, No More Forever, in 1972. Gaughan then signed on with the folk-rock group the Boys of the Lough, releasing a 1973 self-titled LP before returning to his solo career with 1976's Kist o Gold. However, he soon returned to the group format, forming a band named Five Hand Reel and issuing another eponymously titled effort that same year; over the next two years, Gaughan issued four more records -- two solo releases (1977's Copper and Brass and 1978's Gaughan) as well as two more Five Hand Reel outings (1977's For a' That and 1978's Earl o' Moray).

In the late '70s and early '80s, he worked as a critic and columnist with Folk Review magazine, and also acted as a member of the 7:84 Theatre Company; after a three-year absence from the studio, Gaughan also returned to regular musical duty with the release of 1981's "Handful of Earth". "A Different Kind of Love Song" followed in 1983.

This is the Eastern German issue of the 1983 Folk Freak Album with some different songs.

A1 A Different Kind Of Love Song 3:48
A2 Erin-Go-Bragh 4:24
A3 Now Westlin Winds 4:29
A4 The Snows They Melt The Soonest 4:11
A5 The Father's Song 3:41
B1 Think Again 2:43
B2 As I Walked On The Road 5:12
B3 Stand Up For Judas 4:54
B4 Song For Ireland 4:59
B5 Both Sides The Tweed 3:35

Dick Gaughan - A Different Kind Of Love Song (Amiga)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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NoSch hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot - like nearly every day - for this contribution! Most notable that the cover illustation is by Gertrude Degenhardt. Greetings from Cologne

zero hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for your feedback and for mentioning Gertrude Degenhardt. All the best to Cologne!

SonofTransitFord hat gesagt…

Great share bro. Lucky enough to see this guy at a Paul Robeson centenary event. The Lemmy of folk. J in Liverpool

zero hat gesagt…

Sounds great, and thanks for your feedback!

The50footqueenie hat gesagt…

One small problem - the track list is for another album completely! It's his classic 'Handful Of Earth' that's listed - so which album is it??

zero hat gesagt…

As written in the post: This is the Eastern German issue of the 1983 Folk Freak Album with some different songs. You will find "Handful Of Earth" via

Best wishes!

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