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Nina Simone - At Newport (1960)

Nina Simone was born Eunice Wayman on February 21st 1933, in Tryon, South Carolina. She is, for many, the ultimate jazz/blues diva. Few know however, that Ms. Simone holds a doctorate in music, yet was once refused admission to the legendary Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, an event that has forever marked her life. An intense live performer, Nina Simone's shows are legendary, and her uncompromising interpretations often reinforce her controversial reputation.

"Nina At Newport" was her second live album for Colpix and was recorded at the Newport Jazz Festival on June 30, 1960. It was, by far, Nina's highest-charting album, featuring stellar performances of "Trouble in Mind", "Porgy" and "Nina's Blues". It reached number 23 inthe Billboard chart in March 1961. The album opens with "Trouble in Mind", Nina´s bluesy interpretation somewhat faster than the origianl jailhouse lament.

The "Porgy" on this album is not the musical "Porgy" of her first hit. The character is the same, but the music and lyrics are by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields. "Little Liza Jane" is a rousing negro folk song, while Nina takes Cole Porter´s "You´d Be So Nice To Come Home To" smooth and easy.

"Flo Me La" is an authentic African song developed by pack bearers on safari as a rhythmic chant to set the walking pace; eventually, the chant becyme a song, the title meaning "Walking Along". Nina begins the American traditional "In The Evening By The Moonlight" with a restrained chorus, but it develops into a band lcimax to end the disc.

Nina is backed here by what had become her regular band. Chris White (bass) studied at the Manhatten School of Music, Bobby Hamilton (drums) studied with the famous Jim Chapin, and Al Schackman (guitar) was equally proficient in classical and flamenco. Schackman in particular became a lifelong friend, working as Nina´s musical director over many years. They played together from 1957, the other two joining shortly afterwards.


A1 Trouble In Mind
A2 Blues For Porgy
A3 Little Liza Jane
A4 You'D Be So Nice To Come Home To
B1 Flo Me La
B2 Nina's Blues
B3 In The Evening By The Moonlight

Nina Simone - At Newport (1960)
(256 kbps, cover art included)

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