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Gary Clail / On-U Sound System - Dreamstealers (1993)

Gary Clail (born 1959) is an English singer and record producer, and the founder of the Gary Clail Sound System. He was part of On-U Sound Records (and also the On-U Sound System) and led Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System. They had a big hit in clubs with the 1991 song "Human Nature".

While Gary's time under the wing of BMG / Perfecto probably brought him his biggest commercial successes, helped in no small part by the remixing talents of Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne in giving some of his tunes more dancefloor friendly edges, the partnership was to be short lived. While BMG's first "Emotional Hooligan" (ON-U LP 55) album in 1991 sold well, a combination of Clail's unrealistic belief that he was now a fully-fledged pop star, coupled with a lack of new musicial direction and particularly his record companies increasing dis-interest in promoting him saw an acrimonious parting in 1993. In particular the almost complete lack of promotion of the following "Dreamstealers" (ON-U LP 70) album left a bitter taste of major label dealings in both Clail's and Sherwood's mouthes.


No Comfort In The City 4:53
These Things Are Worth Fighting For (Perfecto Mix) 5:50
Dreamstealers 5:08
Who Pays The Piper (Perfecto Mix) 7:18
Speak No Evil 3:31
Buzzword 4:02
Decadance 5:07
Isolation 3:45
Autobiography 3:41
Trouble 4:28
Behind Every Fortune 4:15
Free Again 4:42
Speak No Evil (Don't Rock The Boat Mix) 5:21
These Things Are Worth Fighting For (Original Mix) 3:43

Gary Clail / On-U Sound System - Dreamstealers (1993)
(320 kbps, cover art included)

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